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Watch out, the robots are coming!

Dear storytellers, welcome to the 21st century… a world in which more and more jobs that were only recently performed by people, are now moving into the hands of our chip-operated friends, the robots.

Now, we know what you’re thinking. The jobs lost today are “blue collar” jobs, so as long as you’re not working on the factory floor or in a huge logistical warehouse, you are safe.

Well, think again…

The business world is continuing to change at a rapid pace, and the skills required of us now are making way for new and improved skills. If asked to point out one thing that all these new skills have in common, we would say “creativity”. This is what humans are best at, and machines are only now starting to learn,: how to be creative. To think outside the box, reach new conclusions and attach social/ cultural/ ideological context – all of these we humans can do a thousand times better than any r2d2…

There is a reason why we see a massive wave of companies such as UdemyJolt IL  and Meetup  sweeping more and more people into this new world of learning and enrichment; this world, that does not obligate us to sit in a classroom (because what’s wrong with watching a lesson on your cell, while sitting on your couch?) or to complete a three-year academic degree packed with courses that won’t help us for shit (yeah, we’re talking to you, intro to “Quantitive Research Methods” ?)

And in this new world, what kind of skills and qualifications do you think will have an especially significant role?

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