We've been misled. We were taught that the key to great presentations is to speak loudly, move around the stage and look everyone in the eye. But that's just not true. The most important skill for giving a good presentation is the ability to tell a story. It's the ability to take massive amounts of data, numbers, and messages and package them into a sharp, concise and compelling story. In an age when good ideas can change the world in a heartbeat, the ability to communicate your ideas to your superiors, investors, customers or board of directors is an invaluable business skill.

We invite you to join us for a workshop where you'll acquire practical tools for delivering winning presentations through compelling storytelling.

Who is it for?

Content is adapted and customized to your company’s particular needs and circumstances.

For companies that understand that the ability to communicate ideas to other members of the organization is crucial for the company’s success; for companies who understand that they can boost sales and improve their image by teaching employees to become better storytellers. For start-up companies that understand that their investors sit through hundreds of presentations a year, so they better show up with an unforgettable story to introduce their products and ideas. For all types of academic institutions who aspire to boost their reputation and who understand that they must complement their professional knowledge with great storytelling skills.

So, please forget everything you thought you knew about public speaking. We invite you to take part in an intensive workshop, which will teach you how to tell a story and deliver a presentation like a true professional, providing you with valuable tools that will enable you to succeed in business and in life.


What do you learn?

Storytelling Foundations

  • What is storytelling?
  • How do the world’s top speakers use stories to deliver their message?
  • How can storytelling be of use in a business environment?

From content and objectives to creating effective messages

  • What is a message?
  • What is the difference between objectives, messages, content and why is it so important?
  • Practice making the distinction between objectives, messages and content, based on your own materials
  • How do you formulate a compelling message that motivates the listener to take action?
  • Practice formulating compelling, effective messages
  • Our unique 3X3 communication methodology
  • Putting the 3X3 methodology into practice

Personal Telling

  • Presenting yourself in the shortest and most interesting way
  • The ME6 methodology – crafting your own personal story
  • The importance of a story bank
  • Writing your own personal story using the ME6 methodology


  • What is exposition? The 5 types of exposition that will dazzle your audience
  • Exposition exercises – each participant develops an exposition for his or her own presentation
  • An overview of personal exposition – how to present yourself in the shortest and most interesting way

Visual Telling

  • The Ten Commandments of PowerPoint
  • Impacting your audience through the use of visual aids – We’ll look at inspiring examples of presentations from all over the world

Practical Experience

Participants will deliver short presentations, applying the tools they’ve acquired in the course of the workshop. Presenters will receive professional feedback from their mentors and classmates.



Leave a Mark

Our name is Leave a Mark and we create powerful presentations through storytelling. We chose our name because we believe that’s the main function of a great presentation – to leave a mark. We work with politicians, CEOs, senior managers, start-up entrepreneurs and with anyone who wants to become a better leader by delivering stronger messages. We’ve been running our workshops for many years now, and we’ve had the honor to host international leaders such as HP, Google Partners, Dell EMC, Bank Hapoalim, as well as renowned academic institutions, such as the Hebrew University of Jerusalem, The Ono Academic College, Habetzefer – Israel’s Advertising Agencies Academy, and more.

Asaf Sides

Founder of presentation company Leave a Mark. Specializes in creating presentations. Worked with politicians, CEOs, senior managers, start-up entrepreneurs, and anyone who wants their voice heard. Former senior advertiser at Reuveni Pridan IPG and YehoshuaTBWA; VP of Strategy at advertising firm Bruckner Neta Yaar.

Hila Zavedsky

The company's training director. Over eight years' experience developing training programs for communication and public speaking. Specializes in training, consultation, and professional mentoring for a variety of clients, mainly from the field of education.

Michal Rosenzweig

Instructor and content developer. Has over 15 years of experience in teaching, group instruction, psychodrama, and training a wide range of audiences and age groups.



What's in it for us?

You will acquire valuable tools and knowledge and become acquainted with the world of storytelling. During the workshop, you'll be developing your own project, using your own materials. In a more general sense, you'll have acquired the tools and knowledge that will allow you to create spectacular presentations for any occasion.

Can you teach someone to give good presentations? I thought it's all just a matter of talent...
Nonsense! Presentation skills are like a muscle.

If you train, it becomes stronger. Otherwise, it wastes away. Our workshops will make sure you get plenty of exercise and acquire the tools to become excellent presenters.

I've been to my fair share of public speaking workshops. What's so special about yours?
We've also been to quite a few public speaking workshops.

Unfortunately, we came out of them even more stressed and confused than we were to begin with. We believe that the ability to tell a clear and cohesive story is the number one contributor to the quality of your presentation. It's true that pacing around the stage and making eye contact is important, but all those techniques pale in comparison with strong storytelling skills. Take Moses, for example – you know, the one who led his people through the desert for forty years. He didn't have good speaking skills. In fact, he even stuttered. But none of that matters when your story involves the promise of a land of milk and honey.

How long is each workshop?
Workshops range from one-and-a-half to three hours in a daily session.

We can discuss your specific needs during our initial consultation and adapt the workshop's content, location, and length accordingly.

Where and when does all this happen?

Wherever and whenever you want.
How Much
Contact us and we'll be happy to give you a quote