Something tells us that if you’ve ended up here

then you must feel that there’s a gap between your awe-inspiring product/business/service,

and the way you present it

to potential customers, investors,

or even family and friends.

In that case, it’s nice to meet you 🙂

We are Leave a Mark

As one of the world’s first storytelling companies,

we are proud to say that we’ve helped over 300 clients tell impactful stories –

from global tech companies and leading corporations

to family-run businesses and up-and-coming start-ups.

Our work is structured in a uniquely developed methodology,

and we invite you to take part in an effective process

that will give you the tools to package your story and increase sales, engage your employees,

and maybe even help explain to your friends and family what it is that you actually do all day.

Stories are our passion, but we do more than just talk.

If you want to craft a winning story for your business that spans everything

from expositions to marketing presentations,

join our workshop and follow our unique Leave a Mark storytelling methodology.

The uniqueness of our storytelling methodology

Leave a Mark

Defining Your Exposition

What is exposition and why is it so important?

Every good story starts with a captivating exposition – and so does yours.

A good exposition tells your audience who you are and why they should be interested in your products or services.

Once you get a good grasp on how to communicate your company’s background, you can inspire an emotional connection with your clients, investors, or potential partners.

Our Process

During our first session, we’ll go over different types of expositions and learn how they can help us interact with clients and deliver our message. Each participant will define his or her own unique exposition.


We believe in capturing the moment, so once you’ve created your exposition, you’ll lay it all out in a PowerPoint presentation.

Developing Your Unique Narrative

What is a unique narrative and what is it good for?

So your company is strong, experienced, and reliable, and you offer great products for affordable prices. If you can’t say exactly what it is that sets you apart, it will be difficult for you to gain your audience’s appreciation and convince them to purchase your products or invest in your business.

Fear not – every company has its unique selling points, even if sometimes we have to dig a little deeper to find what makes you special.

Our Process

During our second session, we’ll show you some inspiring examples of unique narratives from businesses around the world, and our storytelling team will guide you through the process of developing your own unique story.


We believe in capturing the moment, so once you’ve established your narrative, you’ll lay it all out in a PowerPoint presentation.

Defining Your Product Pool

What is a product pool and why should I have one?

Once you’ve developed your exposition and established what makes you special, it’s time to define exactly what it is that you offer to your audience – in other words, your product offering.

It may sound simple, but our experience shows that this can be a challenging feat for any company: defining what it is you sell and making sure it aligns with the client’s/investor’s desires and expectations.

Our Process

During our third session, we’ll use a customer simulation questionnaire to define your product pool.

We’ll pick out the most relevant products for your business, give each product a name and a creative description, and create a product page together.



Tight Product Pool

Sample product page

And all in a neat and tidy PowerPoint presentation.



Our Process

During our fourth session, we’ll bring together the different elements to create a sales-oriented presentation.

We’ll pick out the most relevant messages for your business, combine our exposition, unique narrative, and product pool to pitch to our fellow storytellers, and receive feedback and tips for improvement.

Together, we’ll create a winning presentation.


A Winning Presentation


The Grand Finale


In our fifth session, the stage is all yours.




You’re here to work!

Achieving high-quality results requires your utmost dedication and cooperation. Do you have what it takes?

If not, then this workshop is probably not for you.

We’re looking for serious people who are willing to put in time and effort.

Who is it for?

For companies who understand that in today's landscape, telling a compelling story

can lead to a significant increase in sales

For start-ups companies who understand that prospective investors sit through hundreds of presentations a year,

so anything less than a unique and exceptional story just won't do

For anyone who understands that pretty logos and catchy slogans can only take you so far

only a compelling story can truly leave a mark

Asaf 'The Master' Sides

Founder of presentation company Leave a Mark. Specializes in creating presentations. Worked with politicians, CEOs, senior managers, start-up entrepreneurs, and anyone who wants their voice heard. Former senior advertiser at Reuveni Pridan IPG and YehoshuaTBWA; VP of Strategy at advertising firm Bruckner Neta Yaar.

Michal 'The Singer' Rosenzweig

Instructor and content developer. Has over 15 years of experience in teaching, group instruction, psychodrama, and training a wide range of audiences and age groups.

Hila 'The Wizard' Zavedsky

The company's training director. Over eight years' experience developing training programs for communication and public speaking. Specializes in training, consultation, and professional mentoring for a variety of clients, mainly from the field of education.

Let's get to the point – what are you offering?
A five-session workshop that will walk you through a comprehensive, to-the-point process to help you create a winning story for your business.
How is that different from branding?
Branding is mostly a superficial process that results in not much more than a pretty logo, a cute slogan, and a short list of core values. We offer an intense and comprehensive process, where we'll delve deep into your company's story and give you practical tools that will help you communicate your message to potential clients, employees, investors, and anyone else you're interested in reaching out to.
How long does all that take?
Five sessions, plus a lot of homework!
You mentioned a product pool, but I only have one product. How would that work?
Even if you only offer a single product, your target audience is made up of different segments, each with its own views and perceptions. We can show you how your product caters perfectly to each segment. For example, say you run an employment agency. Even though you only offer one product – putting people to work – you can present it from several different perspectives: one for senior managers, one for high-tech companies, and one for specialized jobs.
When? Where? How much does it cost?
every Thursday for five weeks, from 09:00 AM to 01:00 PM, in central Tel Aviv (exact location to be announced). The price is NIS 2,600 (VAT included).