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Storytelling Is at the Core of Humanity

Before we developed reading and writing, we shared information in the form of oral narration. Stories told by people gathered round a fire. This was our ancestors way of spreading knowledge, which allowed us to grow and develop as a society. Because stories were so important for the evolution of human civilization, the best storytellers became tribe leaders.

Regrettably, the pages of history are brimming with male storytellers. Today however, we want to focus on female storytellers. Why? Because as you saw in the video, women are biologically predisposed to becoming great storytellers. Nonetheless, of the 60 historic speeches in the collection Speeches That Changed the World, can you guess who many were given by women?

Only 11%.

Perhaps not by chance. After all, 11% is also the percentage of women in key political positions worldwide.

Now, let us tell you a secret: things used to be much simpler back in the day. Today, in a rapidly technologically changing world, we are hard pressed to deliver complex messages, filled with a variety of information. Couple that with the endless distractions lurking in every corner, and you’ll see why communication in the post-modern age requires superb communication savvy and skill.


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