We sometimes forget,

but with all due respect to its advanced technologies, artificial intelligence, bots and big data, Facebook is first and foremost a powerful storytelling tool.

Our world has evolved from 360-degrees marketing to 365-days-a-year marketing. Today, any business or company has the means to tell its story in a way that leaves a lasting impression and generates trusty followers. The ability to tell a good story is a crucial component for success.

From now on, your story doesn’t have to end with your most recent marketing video or the last slide in your presentation. It can live on using social media, where your audience is already present. That’s where our skilled team of storytellers comes in.

Stories from the Industry

No business operates in a vacuum. Each business is part of a wider ecosystem. By sharing your in-depth analysis of the market with your communities, you let your audience feel as though they are part of something greater. Future trends, up-to-date overviews, major players and events – anything to show your customers that you keep your fingers on the pulse. You are the indisputable experts and everything goes through you first.

Your Product's Story

To generate sales on social media (social selling), you must tell your product's story in a new and exciting way. Package it with compelling content that users will want to comment on or share with their friends. This is the most enjoyable part for any company (especially for Generation Y and below), where you get to talk about yourselves – or, more accurately, about your company's pool of products and services: who you are, what do you offer, what you're good for, and what makes you the best in the biz. Spare no details.

Stories from Everyday Life

People buy from people. That's a fact. Babbling on about how great your product is just won't do. Leaving your mark means getting personal and giving your audience frequent glimpses of what's happening behind the scenes. It's time to break the mold. Let your audience get to know your people, upload photos after a team outing or a big meeting with a new client, or share a funny GIF of your office dog jumping on your new sofa. Show the world that your company is made up of real, flesh-and-blood people, not a bunch of greedy executives.

Stories from the Soul

Selling is DEFINITELY not telling: each organization has its own unique DNA, which we'll discuss in a moment. consumers today expect to receive much more than what you're selling. They want to know what you believe in, which values guide your company, and whether you serve a higher cause. Here's a free tip: if your target audience is aged 40 and below, you should definitely pick a worthy cause to get behind.


On Facebook

With over 3 billion users worldwide and 6.7 million in Israel, it’s kind of hard for companies and organizations to ignore Facebook. Facebook has become the place we all turn to, for everything from getting the latest updates on cybersecurity changes, to seeing photos of our friends’ new baby. It’s the place that’s getting the most attention these days, and that goes for businesses as well.


On LinkedIn

Have you ever fantasized about being in an elevator with your ultimate client? You have a rare, one-time opportunity to convince him/her that you’re the one who will give him the best results. So, here’s the good news: LinkedIn is the platform that can make this fantasy a reality. Are you a B2B company that wants to create awareness and drive action among professional audiences such as programmers, human resource managers, VPs of marketing and CEOs of companies of all sizes, from all over the world? Or do you want to instantly get in touch with key people you haven’t met yet, or ones who are simply hard to reach? LinkedIn is the place for you.


On Instagram

Now here’s something you probably already know: Instagram is booming!!! The ‘little sister’ of Facebook isn’t so little anymore, and is mostly leaving Snapchat in clouds of dust, fresh for consumption. Does your business have a relatively young demographic? Do you work in lifestyle, fitness, health, food, fashion or anything else that photographs well? We can guarantee success for your brand, and transform it into one with high interaction on Instagram - no bots, no click farms.


We'll start by defining our business objectives for this process. Are you looking to obtain leads, boost sales, or increase brand awareness among opinion leaders? This process will enable us to fine-tune our model and create the best content for your needs. One company might benefit from talking about its products, while another may choose to focus on personal stories.


Then, we'll associate each of your message with the appropriate target audience. We'll define your main and secondary target audiences and decide which messages suit each group.


We'll create a schedule for publishing your content. Perhaps we'll start with a broad message, followed by targeted and more specific arguments as we move along the timeline.


We'll turn your messages into content – texts, images, social media posts, videos, landing pages, and more – because a strong message can only be delivered through high-quality, compelling content. We'll create your marketing materials from A to Z, including writing, graphic design, principal photography, and editing.


Pay-per-click campaign for target segments. No one knows you better than the social media platforms you use. We'll spread your message to a range of pre-defined target audiences, and use concrete data to improve your results on the go.


During the campaign, we monitor the online activity and react in real time. This is where things get interesting. Social media platforms enable us to obtain direct feedback from our target audience, peek into their thought process, and adjust our campaign in real time. Your story gets a life of its own and opens up new and exciting possibilities. Interested in bringing your story to new audiences, far beyond the conference room? Are you ready to use innovative insights and data to take your story to the next level? Leave your details and we will contact you shortly!

קצת עלינו

Our name is Leave a Mark, and we tell exciting and impactful stories on social media. We chose our name because we believe that great storytelling has one goal: to leave a mark. We work together with politicians, CEOs, senior managers, start-up entrepreneurs, and anyone who wants to become a better leader by delivering stronger messages.

Asaf Sides

Founder of presentation company Leave a Mark. Specializes in creating presentations. Worked with politicians, CEOs, senior managers, start-up entrepreneurs, and anyone who wants their voice heard. Former senior advertiser at Reuveni Pridan IPG and YehoshuaTBWA; VP of Strategy at advertising firm Bruckner Neta Yaar.

Avishai Kadosh

One of the world’s first storytellers, former Strategy Manager at McCann Erickson, former VP of Strategy at Leo Burnett… and just an all-around great guy! He has built stories for hundreds of companies - many of them market leaders!

Aviv Briskin

Aviv has more than a decade's experience as a copywriter and creative manager for top advertising firms. Aviv was responsible for the creation of some of Israel's most memorable advertising campaigns. Even as a child, Aviv captivated listeners with his imaginative fables. Aviv is a writer, composer, recording artist, and funny guy – not necessarily in that order. As a storyteller, he's helped some of the world's leading brands craft their unique stories.

Shahar Raz

By no means a stranger to social media, Shahar has been working with leading companies back when things like "Tell us your favorite breakfast for a chance to win a yellow blender" was considered cool :) He specializes in setting up and managing communities built around business activities.