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Start-Up Entrepreneurs

There’s nothing I love more than working with start-up entrepreneurs. When Sarah and I left our former lives behind and founded Leave a Mark, we wanted to help people make a lasting impression. Start-up entrepreneurs have incredible potential to leave their mark, because in most cases their ideas – once realized – can have a significant impact on people’s lives everywhere.

This is why I was thrilled to have the opportunity to work with the NGT3 venture capital, whose medical technology incubator supports some of the world’s top up-and-coming entrepreneurs in the field: Nora and Amir, who developed a patch that can revolutionize brain surgery; Mor, who developed a medical device that will make head lice a thing of the past; Ariel, who developed a respiration aid for field and hospital work; and many, many more. 

* The writer is not a naïve tree-hugger. He knows those entrepreneurs are out to make billions, an that — to the writer’s humble opinion — is a good thing.

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