Storytelling for Videos

Every great video starts with a good story. We know it, and the top studios in Hollywood know it. Once you have a winning story, the road to producing a video is all but paved. Whether you’re making a corporate image video, stylish product video, or company introduction clip, it all starts with finding your unique story.

So you want to make a video. That’s great! But before you start scouting for locations and designing costumes, you need to develop your product or company’s unique story. We invite you to work with us to refine your messages, create a cohesive and compelling narrative, and produce a brilliant marketing video. During the process, you’ll benefit from our double experience: In addition to working with hundreds of companies worldwide to create unique narratives for their brands or products, Sarah, our CEO, has a background in television and has produced some of Israel’s top-rated and most popular TV series. Our vast expertise and experience give us the ability to handle complex productions as well as make-do, on-the-go projects. Each project is unique in its own way.

Don’t forget: A powerful video starts with a compelling story.

So how do you come up with a winning story for your video? We follow our four-stage work process:

As we said, precision is the name of the game.

After years of crafting stories for companies and senior managers worldwide, we have gained the skill and experience to translate your messages, complex as they may be, into a sharp, polished, and precise story that will move, excite, and leave a mark on your audience.

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