Storytelling for Marketing Presentations

Something tells us that if you’ve ended up here, then you must feel that there’s a gap between your awe-inspiring product/business and how they are presented to potential customers.


Every company needs a strong sales story. For the past decade, we’ve been creating stories for sales and marketing personnel. Over the years, we’ve helped companies of all types and sizes break into the market and sell their ideas – from multi-million-dollar technologies to affordable low-tech products. It was interesting to discover that all those products, companies, and ideas had one thing in common, which led us to develop our three-stage methodology for crafting a sales story: Establishing a clear exposition; developing a unique narrative for the product, company, or project; and creating a product pool.

We want to help you tell an effective marketing story.

We begin with an exposition

Every good story starts with a captivating exposition – and so does yours. A good exposition tells your audience who you are and why they should be interested in your products or services. Once you get a good grasp on how to communicate your company’s background, there’s a good chance you’ll inspire an emotional connection with your clients.

Then, we develop your unique narrative

So your company is strong, experienced, and reliable, and you offer great products for affordable prices. If you can’t say exactly what it is that sets you apart, it will be difficult for you to gain your audience’s appreciation and convince them to purchase your products or invest in your business. Fear not – every company has its unique selling points, even if sometimes we have to dig a little deeper to find what makes you special.

We finish off with a Product Pool.

 It may sound simple, but our experience shows that this can be a challenging feat for any company – to present your offering of products or services and close a deal. If you present your product pool clearly and effectively, you motivate your potential customers to think like consumers and make an active choice. This is simple psychology: When given a clear set of options to choose from, your customers immediately go from wondering whether you’re a good fit to choosing which option they prefer the most. That’s why a marketing presentation should never end with “Thank you for listening” or “I’ll now be taking questions.” You should always end on one of your top products

How does it work? A thoughtful four-stage process.


With decades of experience working with senior managers around the world, we have the skill and expertise to translate your company’s core messages into an impactful, razor-sharp presentation that will dazzle your audience and be sure to leave a mark.

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