Storytelling for Investor Presentations

Before we go into detail about our approach to working with start-up companies, we’d like to take a minute and talk about what we love about it the most.

Maybe it’s our passion for great ideas, or maybe it’s the thrill of creating presentations that result in multi-million-dollar investments – or perhaps it’s just the fact that so many start-up companies we’ve partnered with in the past had the potential to truly leave their mark on the world. So far, we’ve partnered with dozens of start-up companies in all kinds of industries – from software and hardware to medical equipment and big data. Some have raised millions, some have won awards, and they’ve all made us extremely proud to have taken part in their achievements. So after gaining years’ worth of experience creating presentations for investors, we can say safely say that we know this field inside out. We have the ability to process large amounts of information and present complex market data in a simple, friendly, and relatable way. But don’t just take our word for it. Companies we’ve partnered with will tell you that after working with us on their presentation, they suddenly found it much easier to tell their story and explain what they do – which often involves complex and advanced technologies – to investors, family, and friends. Our clients also benefit from out extensive marketing background, which allows us to develop their products’ positioning and differentiate them from the competition.

Our commitment to precision is exemplified in our four-stage work process:

We offer a wide variety of design options.

In addition to PowerPoint, we use special software that allow us to create 3D presentations, advanced animations, and striking designs.

The combination of high-end design tools and extensive marketing expertise allows us to customize and enrich your presentation in a way that complements your message.

As we said, precision is the name of the game.

With decades of experience working with senior managers around the world, we have the skill and expertise to translate your core messages into an impactful presentation that will dazzle your audience and be sure to leave a mark.

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