Storytelling for Conferences

Regardless of the occasion — employees’ conference, clients’ conference or product launch — your conference deserves a story too. A nice meal and a good show are not enough. If you truly want to accomplish the goals intended for the conference, you’ll do best by telling a story. And most importantly, a story which will leave a mark! A story that begins with the invitation you send continues with the content that you present and ends with an amazing giveaway.

‘WOW’ing them is not enough ...

By now, it is a worldwide known fact: the WOW factor is not enough…including spectacular visual/sound/other effects is ok…producing ‘lit’ video-graphics/clips/movies is nice…All the same, it has been universally agreed already that this is not enough…that if you wish to leave a truly genuine lasting impression in a conference, you need to tailor a unique story for the occasion…a story which hones the complex, central message you aim to impart; transforming it into a singular, holistic experience…An experience which will defeat the ‘arch enemy’ of conferences the world over — a pocket-ready item available to all participants at your conference … a smart phone.

From 0 to 100

We know how to build the conferences’ story along with you. From the concept design, through the content construction and production, to the very operational directing of the conference by the founder and CEO of our company, Asaf Sides. For years, Asaf has been shepherding leaders of industry through highly strategically-sensitive conferences…No wonder the leading companies in the market put their trust in us time and again 🙂

How does it work? 

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