Storytelling for Conferences Presentations

Once you accept that your listeners could just whip out their phones at any moment and find something more interesting to look at, you realize that speaking at a conference require a special set of skills that’s different from what you may be used to.

Try this: close your eyes and think back to the last conference you’ve attended. What about it strikes you as most memorable? Chances are you’re thinking back to a specific ‘wow’ moment – a moving personal story, an eye-opening insight, or a fresh new perspective on a familiar subject.


That’s no coincidence. To stand out at conferences, you have to truly captivate your audience, and the way to do that is by giving them a ‘wow’ moment they’ll never forget. We believe that conference speakers should leave a mark as soon as they go on stage. A strong opener is a highly effective tool for grabbing your audience’s attention. We know that for many speakers, a conference is a great opportunity to gain exposure and spread their personal or professional agenda. After mentoring dozens of politicians, senior managers, and start-up entrepreneurs, we have the tools and experience to teach you how to produce an unforgettable presentation with a tight, compelling narrative that will grip your audience from start to finish. A few words about our approach. While we certainly have the skills to craft amazing presentations with high-end graphics and animations, we believe that before we discuss the visual aspects, we must first create an effective and memorable narrative

Luckily, we are vastly experienced in preparing presentations for conferences around the world – in the USA, England, Africa, France, Italy, China, and yes, even in Israel. Over the years, we’ve also helped launch cutting-edge technological products, and we’ll be happy to walk you through this important process. But credentials aside, the truth is we just really love creating presentations. Each conference poses new and exciting challenges and new opportunities to help our clients engage, impact, and leave their mark.


How does it work? Our four-stage process will teach you to shape your narrative and create presentations that leave a mark.

We offer a wide variety of design options. In addition to PowerPoint, we use special software that allow us to create 3D presentations, advanced animations, and striking designs. The combination of high-end design tools and extensive marketing expertise allows us to customize and enrich your presentation in a way that complements your message.


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