Storytelling for Company Presentations

Your company is amazing. You’ve worked hard to get to where you are, your numbers are strong, and your products are fantastic. If only you could present your story to the world…

For over a decade, we’ve been working together with businesses to help them find their own unique stories. After partnering with over two hundred clients from all areas of the business world, we know how to craft compelling, concise, and relatable stories that leave a mark. Working with global tech companies, small Israeli businesses, and international brands, we discovered that no matter the size, each company must follow the same set of steps to find its unique voice. That’s why we developed our unique method for storytelling for businesses.


Defining your company’s exposition using the Leave a Mark Protagonist Questionnaire.

Unique Narrative

Developing your business’s unique narrative and methodology using our Master Methodology model.

Product Pool

Defining a product pool through customer simulations.


Each company has a unique story that sets it apart from the competition. We want to help you tell yours.


Our commitment to precision is exemplified in our four-stage work process: 

We offer a wide variety of design options. In addition to PowerPoint, we use special software that allow us to create 3D presentations, advanced animations, and striking designs.The combination of high-end design tools and extensive marketing expertise allows us to customize and enrich your presentation in a way that complements your message.

As we said, precision is the name of the game.

With decades of experience working with senior managers around the world, we have the skill and expertise to translate your core messages into an impactful presentation that will dazzle your audience and be sure to leave a mark.


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