Storytelling for Business


Many businesses we talk to seem to have a hard time telling us exactly what it is they do. That’s why we created a laser-focused, five-stage process to help you identify each of the three aspects that make up your business story: exposition, unique narrative, and product pool. Once we’ve honed your business story and distilled it into a clear narrative, we can easily translate it into a mini-site, presentation, or video.

Storytelling for Business, our latest product, is a whole new ballgame. While with our other products we help clients package the three elements that make up their business story (exposition, unique narrative, and product pool), with this product we put you – the client – center stage, and guide you through a methodical work process. During this process you’ll be required to answer questionnaires and do a good bit of homework. You’ll acquire the tools to tell your business story on your own – with our help and guidance, of course.

Our work process is divided into five stages:

You're here to work!

During the first stage we’ll sit with you to talk about your expectations, to make sure we start out on the right foot. The process demands a good amount of time and effort on your part, and we want to know that you are fully committed before we proceed


What is exposition and why is it so important? Every good story starts with a captivating exposition – and so does yours. A good exposition tells your audience who you are and why they should be interested in your products or services. Once you get a good grasp on how to communicate your company’s background, you can inspire an emotional connection with your clients, investors, or potential partners.

Unique Narrative


What is a unique narrative and what is it good for? So your company is strong, experienced, and reliable, and you offer great products for affordable prices. If you can’t say exactly what it is that sets you apart, it will be difficult for you to gain your audience’s appreciation and convince them to purchase your products or invest in your business. Fear not – every company has its unique selling points, even if sometimes we have to dig a little deeper to find what makes you special.

Product Pool

What is a product pool and why should I have one? After you’ve developed your exposition and established what makes you special, it’s time to define exactly what it is you offer to your audience – in other words, your product offering. It may sound simple, but our experience shows that this can be a challenging feat for any company: defining what it is you sell and making sure it aligns with the client’s/investor’s desires and expectations.


Visual Aids

In the fifth and final stage, we’ll flesh out your business story and translate it to visual aids that incorporate sales-oriented storytelling. First, we’ll craft a winning presentation to tell your story and teach you how to deliver it in a convincing and engaging way. Then, we’ll translate your narrative into a sales-oriented mini-site, where you’ll be able to edit and manage your online content.

Our commitment to precision is exemplified in our four-stage work process:

As we said, precision is the name of the game.

With decades of experience working with senior managers around the world, we have the skill and expertise to translate your core messages into an impactful presentation that will dazzle your audience and be sure to leave a mark.


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