Story Branding

It used to be called ‘branding’. So what? We believe that great branding begins with a story. Join us and learn about our Story Branding methodology

Years ago, before we founded Leave a Mark, we worked in advertising and helped dozens of companies develop their branding. The process usually ended with a lengthy branding manual, filled with vague terms, guidelines, and instructions that just weren’t practical or applicable to our clients’ day-to-day work. Based on our past experience, we realized that what the market needs is a different type of product altogether. No more big words, unnecessary market research, and complicated guidelines that nobody can follow. Our product is called Story Branding, and it’s all about using compelling stories as the basis for amazing branding. We believe that if you create a good story for your company, you can then easily translate it into a new and innovative visual language. Our Story Branding methodology has three main elements:


Like any good film or novel, your company deserves a captivating introduction. your exposition is your company’s origin story, and we use it to lay the foundations for your narrative and your vision, to define what motivates your employees to come in every morning and do what they do best.

Unique Narrative

In the marketing world they call it ‘differentiation’, but that often boils down to not much more than a snappy slogan. We believe that every company has a unique narrative that contains all the elements that differentiate it from the competition. Through this narrative, you can tell the world what’s special about you and how you relate to your environment.

Core Value Set

Similar to traditional branding processes, we believe that a company must define a set of core values that drive it forward. But displaying your values on a pretty poster somewhere around the office is not enough. We believe that it is also important to tell the story behind each core value. Through a guided process of discovery, we will work with you to create a bank of personal stories that reflect the company’s values.

How does it work? 

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