Employer Branding

If you understand how much Employer Branding is essential in today’s world, we invite you to build your Employer Story with us and Leave a Mark!

EDI Method

Understanding the outmost importance that Employer Branding has nowadays, and recognizing that every business has its own DNA, we have built a unique work methodology, called EDI, allowing you to create a profound structured process that will be translated into a clear and sharp employer story.


The first step is the most challenging one, where we define your value proposition as employers, this is what we call Employer Value Proposition, or EVP. In order to set up a winning EVP, we’ll do a thorough research, understand how both your employees and your competitors perceive you today, and then redefine your organization’s EVP and EVP statement.


The second step is the exciting stage where we create the EMPLOYER BRAND BOOK. Yes, an actual brand book for the employer itself, including your EVP story (a presentation with a narrative about your value proposition), external and internal visual language, assets, company stories that created your organization’s unique ethos and an internal and extra-organizational implementation plan.


The third part is a process that never ends… It is the ongoing implementation of the strategic plan. The strategy has been formulated, now you will choose and decide how you want us to help you assimilate it, from workshops to the planning of orientation days.

How does this process work?

Employer Value Proposition

Ignition Meeting – In this meeting we will thoroughly understand your needs, what is the existing value proposition and perform a research in order to acquire all the relevant information. In this kick-off meeting we will also create an organized Gantt chart for the project.

Parameter Setting Meeting –  In this meeting, along with the research company, we will define together the target audience and the most important parameters for the research. Usually, the parameters examined will be: the organization’s current employees, their reasons for staying in the organization, what potential recruiters are looking for and the competitors’ actual status. After the meeting, you will receive a detailed plan for the research we will be conducting together.

Research – Implementation of the research according to the parameters we determined.

Presentation of Research Findings – At this stage, we will present you with a comprehensive summary of the study, enabling us to understand the significant gaps, opportunities and challenges that arise from the research.


EVP STATEMENT – This is where we present you with the value proposition, the slogan for the EVP, the emotional and rational aspects of the EVP and a summary presentation that will help you communicate the value proposition to your current employees, new employees and potential recruits. The presentation will include: who and what exactly is the organization, what does it sell, where is the organization going (The Vision), what does the organization believe in (the agendas promoted by the business), the employer brand personality, and what exactly is your value proposition – the components at the core of the EVP.


We’ll develop your Employer Brand Book, which includes:

Assets, organization stories, employer narrative – a creative story for the data presentation which combines the EVP, an intra-organizational visual language (typography, color, tonality and styling), a demonstration of an internal publication, according to the various organizational platforms, and a demonstration of recruitment ads, including content and design.

Building an implementation strategy in the organization and for recruiting:

Workshops for transmitting the employer story to the employees, a script for employee recruitment, an orientation day planning, a presentation for orientation day, a recruitment kit, advisory for recruitment campaigns, employer brand video reel, a workshop for channeling the employer story in social medias according to the Storytelling Methodology by LEAVE A MARK, along with a workshop for Storytelling for recruitment ads.

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