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How to catch a shark with a good story

The gurus on the American reality show “Shark Tank”, who hear hundreds of presentation each month, unanimously agree that there are many ways to deliver a kickass presentation. They are looking for a different kind of spark, someone that will leave a special mark on the interpersonal level.

Mark Cuban believes that all it takes is one good idea. And therefore, the ability to listen to contradicting opinions and remain open to new perspectives is crucial.

Barbara Corcoran thinks that “Hutzpah” is what leaves a mark on other people, even if you don’t have all the tiny details figured out.

Watch the video to see the tips from the other Sharks.

We believe that in order to leave a mark you don’t have to use any unnatural delivery tactics such as walking across the room, franticly moving your hands or making eye contact with the audience. A good story can be told in many different ways, each person and his own individual way.

You can use our method of 3X3.

The objective element: the role of the official support is to provide external authorization for the message you wish to deliver. This can be achieved by using an expert opinion, market data and relevant research.

The human element: there is no better way to establish facts then through emotions. People make decisions based on emotions.

The “spicy” element: now it is time to support the message with something “spicy” that will ensure your audience never forgets the message.

So how do you leave a mark in your presentations?

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