In these challenging times, it's important to remember that there are many reasons to be optimistic. So join us at the Optimism.il event to explore them together.

June 5th, 2024

6 PM


7 Speakers   |   7 Minutes   |   7 Stories

The events of October 7th brought many challenges. Despite all the difficulty and grief, there are still so many reasons to be optimistic.
That’s why we’ve invited seven speakers to share their perspectives on why they are hopeful about Israel’s future.
At Optimism.il, we’ll explore narratives of positivity and optimism, showcasing how challenges are transformed into opportunities for innovation, growth, groundbreaking technologies and regional partnerships.
Join us at a event that looks on the bright side!

7 Speakers   |   7 Minutes   |   7 Stories

7 Speakers
7 Minutes
7 Stories

Seven speakers will be given seven minutes each to present their optimistic outlooks.The event will be hosted by Asaf Sides, Co-Founder and CEO of Leave a Mark, a storytelling agency.

Dr. Maria Blekher
Early Stage Investor Mental & Neuro Tech l Strategy & Growth Advisor I Speaker I Mentor

Sacha Roytman
CEO of CAM, an organization combating antisemitism worldwide, who will speak about the optimistic angle within rising antisemitism.

Shani and Omer Lovton
Leaders of the legal protest and activity for the captives in New York, who will share their optimistic angle.

Ariel Bam
Who works at the UN for Israel, who will discuss the optimistic angle towards the UN.

Asaf Sides
Co-founder and CEO of Leave a Mark, will talk about the optimistic narrative that the story of Israel can take.

Remo Salmon Hozayel
a Bedouin who saved dozens of people from the Nova party, will talk about the growing connection between the Bedouin and Israeli populations since October 7th.

Anila Ali
a Pakistani-American Muslim who supports Israel and the Jewish community.

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This special event is for Entrepreneurs and senior executives, and there’ll be a limited number of attendees, so make sure to secure your spot! Drinks and snacks are included 😉

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